RECOMMENDATIONS: from the Productivity Guru

“If you are looking for the best trainer in all of Indonesia in behavioral modification, then look no further. ARMALA is hands down the best.
I remember watching his training and even though I could not speak the local language, it was clear from the body language and the non-verbals that the trainees were involved, participative and were adapting to what Armala was working with them on. When I later confirmed my understanding of what occured in the session with a third person who spoke English as well as Indonesian Bahasa, they could confirm that my suspicions were correct.
I only wish I could manufacture more Armala’s in every language skill set around the world (presuming cultural integrity of course) and bottle those skills and abilities I have seen him exhibit in hundred of sessions with thousands of participants. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Armala’s sessions, I encourage you to attend”.
Robert A Jacobson, MPS, CSBC
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